10 Minute Binary Strategy

10 minute binary strategy

Best 10 Minute Binary Option Strategy

Best 10 minute binary options strategy does not involve utilization of numerous trading indicators or complicated installations. Set ups are usually difficult especially if you are a novice in binary options trade, this why a simple but extreme 10 minute binary options strategy would be very effective. The main benefit of this binary options strategy is that it uses 2 indicators, which are similar in terms of simplicity in moving the average.

Moving averages

Moving averages refer to a group of indicators that symbolize the average cost of an asset for a given period, for example if you have a period of 3 it will display the average cost of an asset in the last 3 days.
Moving averages are usually of 3 kinds which includes exponential, simple and front weighted. In this strategy, we use the simple moving averages, and both of these are fixed at a period of 3 and 10.

Setting up

Fixing this binary options strategy is equally important just as trading with the aid of this 10 minutes binary options strategy. First you need to access Meta Trader 4 and charting solution, the chart solution you choose ensure it is fast and has a good setup. Because this a 10 minutes binary options strategy, you have to make sure the period is fixed at 10 minutes only. Implement the 10 minutes binary options strategy on the currency pair, this binary options strategy strategy can be implemented with any currency pair, in this case let use the New York trading session. It is worth to note all the trades that are conducted expires within 5 to 10 minutes.

Making use of the 10 Minutes Binary Option Strategy

It is advisable to use two moving averages, proper time frame and single currency pair. Set your simple moving average line at a period of 3, which will act as your signal line. Be keen to observe because, when this line crosses with the other moving average line, that will be the time to do a trade in the direction of the yellow line. When trading ensure you trade in the direction of the yellow line. Let me be more precise how it work, in case, the yellow line do cross the blue line in an upward direction, put a call trade for a period of five to ten minute.
In case the yellow line crosses the blue line in a downward direction do the vice versa. When you try this 10 minutes binary options strategy, you will bear witness that out of your 9 trades 7 of them will be successful, which is about 78% success.

10 minute binary strategy Moving avarage

Finally, if you are an inexperienced trader, best 10 minute binary options strategy will be of great help to you. By this I do not mean experienced trader cannot use it, it is still very helpful to them. Over the last one to 2 month, this strategy have been able to achieve 75% to 79% success rate meaning it is a strategy worth trying. Wish you good luck and profitable trading.

10 Minute Expiry Options in general

The 10 minute expiry options offer you a type of trading that is speedy end thrilling. As much as those options are rapid, they offer you high profits equally (should your option expire in the money). Placing even 5 trades with a 10 minutes interval, could generate you up to 95% per individual trade, which could sum up to a lot of money. As so, you should certainly include them into your 10 minute binary option trading strategy, which will enable you to maximize profits with a thrilling trading experience.
A 10 minute option has an expiration time of 10 minutes from the when you placed your trade.  The only thing you are required to do is to predict weather the price will move up (therefore trade Call) or down (whereby you trade call) within the next 10 minutes. In addition to call and put options you also have the option to select options like one touch for the 10 minute time frame, but that is up to what the binary options brokers platform is enabling you. That’s why you should trade with EZTrader which enables you the most innovative trading platform with the most advanced features.

Up to 95% PROFIT!

Trade the 10 minute binary option strategy with EZTrader and earn up to 95% REVENUE per trade

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  1. Reply Nadeem 15th September 2017 at 1:47 am

    brokers that offer 10 minute expiry trades

    Hi Everyone,
    I just want to ask you guys about the brokers that do offer 10 minute trades. I am totally impressed with the 10 minute strategies. I am unable to find the brokers that offer 10 minute expiry trades, for example, brokers, like IQ Option, Ayrex, Expertoption, Binomo, do not offer 10 minute trades. 24 Option and Stock Pair seem too costly for beginners with a low capital to start with as their minimum deposit amount and the least trade size are beyond me. Please suggest some binary brokers that do offer 10 minute trades.

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