Auto trading

Forex recently becomes popular due to the fact that you just need a computer and internet access and don’t have to invest large amounts of money to start trading in the market. Another advantage is the broad possibility to trade automatically by simply utilizing the ups and downs (binary options). If you want to learn more about auto trading binary options, then read on this article.

Automatic trading binary options

Automatic trading is a strategy forex traders use by taking advantage of software algorithms to trade automatically according to the rules they set. Active traders commonly use automatic trading. There are many types of trading algorithms, but most of them are based on technical analysis. Basically, there are 2 types of automatic trading, i.e. trading robots and trading signals that are automatically executed.

Binary options trading robots

Trading robots, sometimes called expert advisors (EA), is a special program to process and analyze the charts and indexes. You can change the parameters of the robot or disable the program entirely. In spite of all, control is given to the input program, so that you can look for parameters that correspond to market conditions. The traders develop and use automated trading software for a long time, and many of them update the robot in order to get a better performance.

Binary Options Trading Robot

Binary options trading signals

The second type, trading signals that are automatically executed, has difference in the input execution. Trading robots execute trades based on the input from the program itself. Meanwhile, the trading signals’ input is derived from the provider that can be a live trader. You choose one of several professional traders that give signals. You can tamper with money management parameters, even stop an execution. But beyond that, trading activity in your account takes place automatically from day to day according to the account you imitate.

Binary Options Trading Signals

Auto trading binary options

Binary option is a very easy trading system. It’s not as complex as other systems in general. It’s based on the determination of your choice whether the price will above or below the current price in the set time. You will gain if your analysis is correct. For example, you predict EUR/USD will rise in one hour ahead, so you call $100 with a payout of 95%. The contract will expire in one hour. If your analysis is correct, you will obtain profit of $85 at the time the contract expires.
Now, trading robots or signals of binary options are widely developed on the basis of long experience of successful traders and professional analysts. However, it’s not good to rely on them completely despite many advantages you gain. Automated trading programs cannot guarantee 100% profit. You should have a minimum knowledge and experience in this field. Supported by the experience you have, the auto trading binary options will greatly assist you.

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