How to make money with binary options?


Quick overview:

Yes, it’s indeed possible to make $500 a day with binary options! Though, keep in mind that it’s a trading on the stock exchange. On one hand, you can earn lots of money, but on the other hand you can also lose a lot.
In order to make money, you must know how the system functions and furthermore, you should take advantage of the free academies that brokers provide you with, in order to gain some knowledge on binary options, forex and stock exchange trading!
Should this not be the right thing for you, and you are the type of investor that is afraid to take risks, than our advice for you is to search for other methods to earn money.

$500 a day with binary options are basically not a fairy tale!

On this section I will explain to you what binary options really are and what you must acknowledge. I will explain to you the risks involved and show you what you should pay attention to when selecting your 1st binary option broker. I will recommend you a binary option broker along with the bottom lines of estimation, how realistic it is, that you too will make $500 a day with binary options.



Binary options in brief:

This is how a regular stock exchange functions! In order to explain what binary options (also called CDF’s or Forex trading), I have to get out a bit: Nowadays, you can trade everything on the stock exchange, in particular commodities, stocks, indices and currencies. The basic target on the regular stock exchange is to buy an underlying asset as cheap as possible and, once the price of this asset rises, to sell it for a higher price than you paid for. The average waiting period for a better trend can usually take weeks, month or even years. Trading binary options is very similar, just without those long waiting periods.
Binary options are traded exactly like the regular stock exchange with commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs. The purpose here isn’t to buy cheap and sell expensive, rather to decide upon the direction of the trend. Not for the next months or years, but for the next 30 seconds or 5 minutes.
So you have to decide, if the direction of the trend (let’s take for example 60 seconds) is going to go up or down within the following 60 seconds. Should the trend go up strong, fall or will move a couple of cents up or down, makes no difference with binary options. Even if the trend will be only one cent above or beyond the initial price, you still get paid for your win which is around 70-90% profit on your initial investment! You get your payouts not after a year, but after minutes and even seconds. This is the reason why making $500 daily isn’t such a big deal and no scam!
In order to make it simpler to understand, I summarized all of the above in the following numeric example:

  • Simple stock exchange example:

On the 1.1.2014 I bought 20 Facebook stocks for a price of $30 per stock – A total investment of $600. On the 1.12.2014 I needed the money to buy a birthday presents and I noticed that the price of the Facebook stock moved up to $40 per stock. After 11 months, my initial investment of $600 became $800. Not so bad, but for this you need a bank and a bunch of start capital so it’ll really be worthwhile. Those are 2 points that make trading binary option, in contrast to stock exchange trading, interesting for everyone.

  • Simple binary option calculation example:

I just read about the disappointing quarterly reports that Facebook has announced so I determine that at 15:45, the trend of the Facebook stock is going to continue its downward trend. The trend is currently on $108. So I’m investing $400 in the stock exchange. 16:00 is the time that counts. The trend is now only $107. This means my prediction was correct and I won 80% Profit of my initial investment which is a total of $320 in addition to my initial investment of $400. This means that In 15 minutes, I made $720 out of $400.

By trading in the real stock exchange I would even lost money, hence you can only earn money, if the trend is going upwards. Should the trend go upwards or downwards is really not important when it comes to binary options trading.

This sounds amazing doesn’t it? Although the principal with binary options is the same as with Roulette, once you bet on red or black: ALL OR NOTHING. This means that should I make the wrong prediction and the trend would have gone upward after 16:00, what will be left of my $400 investment would be zero or max.$60 (which is up to the percentage each binary option broker decides to give you back as insurance for out of the money options – in this case 15%).
The difference to Roulette is that you can forecast with relative safety, if the trend will rise or fall.



Test binary options for free:

Wenn I started to get involved in binary options, I thought to myself that a 70-95% Profit in less than a minute, with a single trade – even with the risk of losing the investment sounds way to tempting to not give it at least a try.
If you have the same thoughts, I recommend you to start with a 100% Free demo account – no need to make a deposit and no strings attached with IQOption.
You can trade in real time and test how it works. IQOption provides you with a free of charge $1000 balance to get started.


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