One Touch Binary Option Strategy

Binary Options One Touch StrategyA single touch is all it takes! One touch binary options strategy

Anyone who has delved into the world of binary options strategies will quickly see that the best trading strategies on offer are the ones that make life quicker and easier for trader. And what could be simpler or more efficient than a strategy that takes just one touch?
Here, we explain just what the so called one touch binary options strategy is and how you can use it to help to make your trades more profitable. This piece is for traders of all budgets and calibers, from veteran traders to those just starting out in the weird world of binary options trading.

What is the one touch binary options strategy?

The one touch method involves testing whether or not trades meet, or ‘touch’ a target price. You set the target price, and it appears as a line on your trading chart. Then, if a given asset rises up to touch that line, you will profit! If it does not, you will lose your investment.
What could be simpler! All that you need to do is read the market and set your touch at the perfect level: not so high that it is nearly impossible to touch and not so low that you make very small profits.

What are the benefits of using the One touch binary options strategy?

One of the key benefits of deploying the one touch binary options strategy is the fact that this method can bring in returns of 200% or even more (some traders report bringing in returns of up to 600% on their initial investment).
Moreover, you will typically set your touch test up and leave it to run for around a week. This week long expiration time means that the probability of gaining plenty of touches is pretty high. And, of course, it has to be reiterated that the sheer simplicity of this trading strategy is another very big benefit.

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Can you use the one touch strategy in combination with other trading strategies?

You can indeed. In fact, using other binary options strategies such as the candlestick chart binary option strategy is a good way of enabling you to read the market well enough in order to place your touchline at the perfect point.
If you use a combination of binary options strategies, you also make the number of outcomes that you can get from a given trade a little more variable and complex. People generally say about binary options trading that there are only two outcomes: win or lose. And this is true.
But, if you combine 2 binary options strategies, you can think of things more in terms of ‘dual win’ (i.e. you win using both strategies), dual loss (you lose with both) and situations where you win on one count but lose on another.
Combining binary options strategies also gives you some more perspective on your trades and helps you to fine tune your decision making process.

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